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Our Digital School

At Newington Green the use of technology to support teaching and learning is embedded within the curriculum.


Our Digital Vision

 It is the vision of Newington Green Primary School that students be engaged in a stimulating academic environment and have access to a challenging curriculum.

Specifically, we envision that technology is available and effectively used by all students and staff:


  • To provide global access to information
  • To meet the curricular needs of all learners
  • To provide access to the general curriculum
  • To refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity
  • To provide a medium for expression and communication
  • To collect, assess, and share performance information
  • To improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks
  • To provide skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce

The grid below provides suggestions for top digital resources to support learning in different subject areas.


 Computing top 5 English top 5 Hist-Geog top 5
 Maths top 5 Music top 5 PE top 4
 PSHE top 5 Science top 5 Spanish top 5

Remote Learning - delivering education remotely. For our remote learning policy- click here:

How did you drive improvement in your remote teaching offer?


The partnership decided early on, that a live teaching offer was desirable for pupils.  This was different to many other Islington settings.  Parents universally welcomed live teaching and we received many compliments from parents.


A MASSIVE thank you for all the support

given to the children but most especially to the parents.

This is a difficult time for us all, but having amazing

teachers that genuinely care about our children and their

progression is amazing. Teachers are the real HEROS!!


Thank you all for your hard work and dedication over the past year.

We really appreciate all your care and hard work shown to our

children at the school who have really benefited from both key

worker school and home learning.


Teachers and teaching assistants worked regularly with the Digital Strategy Leader to innovate in online teaching.  For example we trained staff to use Nearpod, quizzes, Now Press Play at home, live responses), Immersive reader.


Subject specialists in PE, Computing, and Spanish continued to teach across both whole schools as they do onsite.  A rich curriculum offer was therefore always in place.


Feedback and assessment tools were highly effective, using a range of tools that the Digital Leader trained staff on.  Practice therefore was innovating and improving week by week as staff became highly competent in the use of a full range of technology to support remote learning. Examples of this include: marking through assignments, self-marking quizzes, live feedback.


Our Digital Leader kept in touch with Microsoft updates on product changes, so that teachers were informed and trained on changes to the technology as they became available e.g. Mute all function in virtual classroom.  Regular training by the Digital Leader, resource sharing in an online shared team, and wellbeing remote activities for staff, all contributed to successful innovation and improvement in our live teaching offer.


Governors visited online lessons and senior leaders visited lesson too.  The quality of teaching was highly effective.


Teaching assistants provided intervention groups, and one to one support using teams also for pupils needing additional support.