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Professional Services for Schools

Newington Green Professional Services for Schools


Newington Green staff are asked regularly to undertake School Improvement work in other contexts.  Our Executive Head, Abi, is currently a Camden Professional Partner(CPP), working with 2 Camden Schools to support improvement, having previously worked as an OFSTED inspector.  


As a school we believe that we have moral purpose to improve outcomes for pupils, both in our own school, our borough and beyond.


We believe in the power of working school to school.  We often choose ourselves to broker in staff from other schools to help us improve, rather than choosing consultants who are not active in a school setting.


Examples of work we have done or could do…


Whole School Review in Lewisham School, working with other inspection colleagues, our Headteacher helped the school verify their school self -evaluation.  A range of activities were undertaken over 2 days including, interviews with leaders, teachers, support staff and children, learning walks and lesson observations, analysis of school performance information, review of school documentation etc.


Supporting a local Secondary School on lower achievers in reading.  Our English Leader and SENCO bespoked some work including: Training Secondary qualified staff in twilight sessions on identifying and addressing barriers to reading for pupils who were low attaining and  advice on how to teach improving  pupil handwriting.


Supporting leadership development in a Primary School. Our school hosted a number of visits and coaching sessions with leadership team members from an Islington Primary School. The purpose of the visits was to look at leadership in action, and to ask questions about how leadership works in our school.  Coaching development was a key part of the visits in translating what they had learnt from our setting that could be applied to their own.


Teaching Assistant Review.  Newington Green was featured as a case study in Maximising the use of Teaching Assistants- Guidance for school leaders and teachers. Peter Blatchford et al 2014.   We could offer support in reviewing your provision and looking at alternative models of practice for teaching assistants and support staff.


Pupil Premium Review. Newington Green was a National Pupil Premium Award winner in 2015.  We can offer support in reviewing your use of the Pupil Premium and looking at alternative models of practice.


What we offer

We are happy to meet with you, or have an initial phone conversation about the work we could do together.  We are flexible in trying to support colleague’s needs.  Call us and get a sense about whether you could work with us!

We charge for our professional services, but we also cross- broker our work with other schools who have expertise in areas we want to develop here.  So, there may be a ‘timeswop’ rather than a traditional cost.


For more information on professional support for your school please contact: